Been there, done that…got the Capitec Colour Run T-shirt




Frivolous fun under the African sun …Missed it? You SURE missed out.

What: Capitec Colour Run

When : 14 Nov 2015

Where: Mbombela Stadium, Mbombela (Nelspruit) Mpumalanga South-Africa

Why: Just because we can (And Nelspruiters can!) This past weekend saw nearly 5000 people flock in their droves to participate in Nelspruit’s second colour run.

Who?  NO experience necessary. Next year…book early to… be there or be…… absolutely square.

                                   What an opportunity just to be silly with the kids, colleagues or like-minded locals.

One left feeling younger, stronger and ready to face the world.

That’s Agent 0013 Nelspruit signing out- Lizl Pretorius

colour run


Geheime Agent : James Blonde

Welkom en baie dankie vir ‘n kans om te gesels.

Aangename kennis, ek is Lizl Pretorius, eiendomsagent en skryfster van hierdie blog.20151105_150229 (1)

cell: 084 208 7668


Ek is passievol oor die mense betrokke by die eiendomsbedryf en hoop om jou te vereenselwig met jou  droom huis of belegging. Ek geniet my werk en is hier om te help.





Spesialiteits Areas:

Residensiële verkope  Nelspruit,(Mbombela) en Wit Rivier Mpumalanga

  • Vol titel
  • Deel titel
  • Veiligheids komplekse en Landgoed
  • Buurte : Steiltes, West Acres, Nelspruit Ex 2,4,5, 29, Sonheuwel, alle areas
  • Woonstelle

Ek strewe daarna om vriendelike en doeltreffende kliëntediens te verskaf ten alle tye. Dit sluit in:

  • Nasionale and internasionale handelsmerk ondersteuning van Chas Everitt
  • Gratis markverwante waardasie van u eiendom
  • Gratis verband dienste dmv Betterlife, SaHomeloans, OOBA konsultante
  • Kwaliteit advertering dmv gedrukte media : Laevelder Koerant, iFinder
  • Internet voetdruk op P24, Private Property, IOL en talle meer
  • Skou huise, expos
  • Oordrag prokureurs dienste vanaf die oomblik wat u eiendom by my gelys is
  • Welkom tuis! geskenk op oordrag
  • Na verkoopsondersteuning, aansluit van water rekeninge, elektrisiteit, erf belasting

Lizl Pretorius cell: 084 208 7668    e-pos:

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OOK lidmaat van  Leading Real Estate Companies of the World initiative : ” I’m local, I’m global”

Agentskap: Chas Everitt Lowveld Branch

Adres: co Ehmke and vd Merwe st.  Outpost Centre, Mbombela, Mpumalanga, South Africa

      “Hoping to meet you soon. I love what I do and it shows”  Lizl Pretorius


Blonde, James Blonde… Agent of Note

Welcome and thank you for your time.  Happy to make your cyber acquaintance !

I am Lizl Pretorius, property professional and author of this blog.20151105_150229 (1)

cell: 084 208 7668


I am passionate about the people of this industry we call ‘real estate’, and hope to match you to your dream home or property that may fulfill yet another  ultimate goal.





Areas of  specialty:

Residential sales  Nelspruit,(Mbombela) and White River Mpumalanga

  • Full title
  • Sectional title
  • Estates
  • Suburbs : Steiltes, Sonheuwel, Nelspruit Ext.2, 5, 4, 29, West Acres
  • Townhouses
  • Apartments

I endeavor to give friendly and efficient customer service at all times. This includes:

  • National and international Brand support from Chas Everitt
  • Free market evaluation of your property
  • Free bond originating via Betterlife, SaHomeloans, OOBA
  • Upmarket advertising via printed media : Lowvelder News Paper , iFinder
  • Internet exposure on numerous sites including P24, Private Property, IOL
  • Show Houses
  • Conveyancing support from the instant you list your property
  • Welcome home gift pack
  • After sales support and opening of water accounts, electricity, rates and taxes

Lizl Pretorius cell: 084 208 7668    e-mail:

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Also affiliated to Leading Real Estate Companies of the World initiative : ” I’m local, I’m global”

Agency: Chas Everitt Lowveld Branch

Address: co Ehmke and vd Merwe st.  Outpost Centre, Mbombela, Mpumalanga, South Africa


      “Hoping to meet you soon. I love what I do and it shows”  Lizl Pretorius


Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted my name on a car

karre 1

Ja, so it’s corny, “Been there, done that” they say …” and got the t-shirt”  ( and by the way I really do have the t-shirt, that’s a Chas Everitt T-shirt) want ja, ek het van agentskap verander, en is eintlik nogal altyd a ‘brand loyal’ kinda girl. ( Jy weet? Shop by Pick en Pay, cause I guess my momma always did?)

So ek dra my Chas Everitt T-shirt met trots….maar ‘n kar met my naam op? Ek weet nie, ek dink elke rookie agent droom van so iets? ( or maybe it’s just the human nature kinda o’ feeling of self-importance??)

Ek weet nie, maar miskien is dit steeds maar net die gevoel van ” Graduation” of trots? Ek is trots …want ek is nie meer ‘n rookie agent nie. (?debateerbaar?) Ek is trots, want ek dra nie net meer ‘n t-shirt en ‘n badge nie?

Ek is trots want ek ry nou ook ‘n kar met my naam op soos die ” regte” agente in ons dorp Nelspruit. …en dis lekker

Vraag: Dink jy dit maak ‘n verskil of jou kar ge’brand’ is of nie?  Does the public care about and notice a branded vehicle??

So you’ve decided to become a Real Estate Agent . How difficult can it be?

So, you’ ve decided to become a real estate agent. How difficult can it be??-  Lizl  Pretorius


The decision to follow a new career is often exciting, and daunting at the same time.

“If the average age of an estate agent is 57, then 38 is young”, I argued in April 2013 and was ready for the new challenge, when I met the principal of Seeff Nelspruit, whilst she listed the home I was renting. With her encouragement I enrolled in the Seeff Smart Academy, for my NQF4, convinced it would be easy and completed in no time. The Academy offered bi- weekly Skype sessions with facilitators, Seeff Boss Intranet Back up system, E.A.A.B logbook and manual.

Easy Peasy : NOT

If the truth be told, the content of the F.E.T.C.’s N.Q.F.4: Professional Real Estate Agent is not difficult at all, in fact, it’s fascinating. One will soon realize if the choice to follow the career is well suited to your persona. Yet, an intern will find the most difficult aspect of the course to be: time management. Perhaps it was fortune or natural talent, but I was soon selling homes in our small office and town, working 9 to 5  almost 24/7. (Because that is the reality of real estate, it is most definitely rewarding, but hard work.) Studying was put on the back burner becoming an unnecessary evil, P.O.E . assignments were delayed and the EAAB logbook put on the shelf.

Avoid intern mayhem

-Schedule time slots in your diary to do assignments, attend class or Skype session as if it is a doctor’s appointment

-If you battle with a question for more than 5 minutes, phone/Skype  for support

-Create a precise Word DOC filing system on your P.C. (assignments are not always in chronological order, and often time is wasted simply trying to locate the assignment on the PC, after not attending to it for 6 weeks)

Almost finished and really a real estate agent

Skype vs. class

-It is great to have Skype support, but it would be much easier to attend class, simply because it would enforce the habit of learning/studying

Yet in the end, it was most likely my Skype facilitator Renate Oosthuizen’s stern, but friendly admonition in September 2014 to complete my outstanding P.O.E. in 3 weeks in order to write the Seeff Assessment exam. I had to take study leave and switch my phone off. (This is extremely difficult, but something every agent has to learn to do)


This folder, when completed after 18 months consisted of two, thick arch-lever files and is sent to SETA via Seeff Smart Academy



Much of the logbook content is repetitive of the POE, however necessary to compile for the EAAB’s attention. ( I kid you not, I couriered mine, it went missing at the E.A.A.B. in Sandton for three weeks. Intern Tip: Scan and copy the file to your hard drive)


There is no feeling like that email feeling , when Seeff Smart Academy lets you know your P.O.E has been found competent. AND , there is absolutely an extra special email feeling, when the email comes from the E.A.A.B Education and Training Department to notify that your missing (!) and found, logbook has been declared compliant and your 12 month internship successful.


Today, I am greeting 2015 with the burden off my shoulders and my focus only on sales, and a soon to be written P.D.E exam.


Here’s to the yellow brick…bumpy… road of becoming a Professional Practioner  in Real Estate . You too, can do it. Just do it now.


Written by Lizl Pretorius of Seeff Nelspruit

Follow her on her blog :

Agent 0013 Nelspruit: The real estate ups and downs…of a… NOT so blonde agent

E. A. A. B …’oh’…… E. A. A. B: Vir eens, maak jy my dag

So, ek was die laaste tyd baie stil. Dis nogal ‘n storie om op 39 ‘n totale nuwe beroep na te jaag. (‘n Beroep wat jy lankal al oor passievol is, maar nie ‘n clue oor gehad het, wat dit nou als, juis behels nie.)

Want, hoe moeilik kan dit nou wees? Huisagente, sit mos net by skou-huise en mooi lyk, of nie?

bored estate agent

(en nou dat ek self een is , die baie gewilde : ” Jy wil &*%%# ? hoeveel kommissie hê? Maar jy was dan net een keer in my huis, en net vir 5 minute.”)

Nou van waar die stilte…vir iemand wat eintlik baie woorde het….spel mens dit só…

E. A. A. B   (nee, dit staan nie vir Elizabeth Anne’s Baby Shampoo nie :) )

Die E A A B   staan vir die Estate Agency Affairs Board, en is daar om agente se aktiwiteite te monitor, só ook om die publiek te beskerm teen onetiese praktyk in die eiendomsmark. Hul maak ook seker dat persone wat handel in die verkoop van eiendom geregistreer is en in besit is van  ‘n regmatige Fidelity Fund sertifikaat (amper soos ‘n lisensie om te handel)  MAAAAAAR….

Die E.A.A.B sorg ook dat agente opgelei en gekwalifiseerd is. Lees asb meer hier as jy of jou kind hierdie baie belonende beroep oorweeg , kliek op die link

Wat is my punt?

Ek is vir die laaste 18 maande besig met my kwalifikasie as eiendomsagent onder die leiding van die E.A.A.B en my firma, en het die week gehoor dat my opdragte en lêr: die merk gehaal het.  (Dit , nadat die E A A B vir amper 3 weke nie my lêr kon opspoor nie!)

…in ‘n oogwink word die E.A.A.B skielik my BFF …that’s Best Friend Forever…..and ever … I hope

Wat sou jy graag wou weet oor die eiendomsagent kwalifikasie of bedryf: dalk ken ek die antwoord.

Definitely ILLEGAL blonde

Definitely Illegal (!!) Blonde

Code of conduct: 2.1 An agent shall not … do or omit to do any act which is or may be contrary to the integrity of estate agents in general

Activity: Acquire a signed offer to purchase for a full title property from a prospective first time buyer

Challenge: I had asked the buyer to phone before coming to the office so that I may prepare the necessary documents. He arrived without any warning, and I proceeded to fill in the OTP with haste, as he too indicated that he did not have time. The property in question was a full title residence, but as it appeared to be built like a complex , I incorrectly filled in a SECTIONAL title contract. Much to my dismay, I was severely tempted to simply alter the contract (yes! As the client  was not easy to get hold of!!) This of course, would have been illegal and not in any one’s best interest.


Lesson learnt: I should have double checked the type of property and not assumed anything about it, and not wasted precious office time by thinking of ways to alter the contract. In the end, I had to phone my client, admit my fault, complete a new contract and have him sign it again

 Question: Do you think it would have been okay to simply alter the contract??

I am no expert!! (WHO ever is???)

I am no expert!!  (WHO ever is???)

I am an intern at a fully compliant real estate company. This company:  SEEFF Properties, holds a valid, current Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC) from the Estate Agency Affairs Board, which is their licence to trade. I too have a valid intern Fidelity Fund Certificate, (therefore I am LEGALLY BLONDe :) and participating in the Seeff SMART Acadamy training programme. (It is highly recommended, read more about it here.)

 As part of an assignment interns have to keep a reflective journal about their dealings with the code of conduct  and the activities that we engaged in, the lessons learnt and challenges.

Reflective journal of a legal blonde



Code of conduct 5.3: An estate agent shall not claim to be an expert or to have specialised knowledge in respect of any estate agency service if, in fact, he is not such an expert or does not have such special knowledge;

Activity: Go refresh a stale listing of a plot on outskirts of Nelspruit

Challenge: May 2013 ( 6 week old Rookie agent Lizl Pretorius comes from JHB and has no knowledge what so ever regarding farming)

Lesson learnt: I exhorted myself to act friendly and professional, irrespective of my incompetence, and noting everything possible in order to explain it to the best of my ability in adverts and to prospective buyers. I acknowledged my status to the sellers, who treated me with the greatest of respect. As a new agent I am very eager to learn about all real estate functions, therefore did not heed to the advice of my principal to rather ‘stay out of the farms, until I have learned to sell houses.’ Nonetheless, I do know more than I did before, but have felt quite awkward 4 months down the line, when taking prospective buyers, as I simply do not have the knowledge!!

I do like a challenge so will attempt it again in the distant future …read more about how I lost my car keys on a hilltop here!!


legal blondeQuestion: What real estate function has made your , uh ,not so blonde hair ?, think twice??

So you’re buying a house?…What to look for inside

Yes, you’re allowed to look…open the cupboard…and peek inside

images cockroach 2

Internship: It’s been 4 months and I am still learning new things every day! But the one thing that amazes me is this game of luck and numbers.

Like taking a client to ONE home  that they like and want to buy…after seeing just ONE?!!??

I don’t get it. I really don’t, but I have learned not to argue or insist to look at a few others. It is however, daunting, as not one of my clients has ever opened a cupboard door to check inside….to SEE the goods…OR the NOT SO GOODS!!!!!!!

Here’s what I would do when looking for my home, perhaps the tips help you too!!

  • take a digital camera  pen and paper, make notes about the features; negative and positive points of each residence. (Tick them off against your wish-list)


  • A few  surprises to keep an eye out for:
  • Head straight for the kitchen, open the sink cupboard AND LOOK INSIDE!!!!!! (is the state of the plumbing in order, and are you prepared to move in and function alongside the current status quo of cockroaches or ants ? :mad:  IS there even a shelf left, that has not rotten away??? )
  • Turn the taps on in the kitchen/ bathroom to check for dirty water
  • Check or ask about the geyser. Is it big enough for your needs? A family will need more hot water than a couple.
  • Is the house insulated. (Believe it or not, but many homes aren’t, and could be extremely hot in Lowveld conditions.)
  • Are there major cracks in the walls? This  can be an extremely expensive problem to fix and is usually not covered by house insurance.
  • Check for damp. Feel the walls and look for signs of peeling or bubbling paint.
  • Bathrooms often have mould. Mould can’t just be painted over. A serious problem will usually involve installing a new ceiling/wall and better ventilation.
  • Check the windows. Do they open and close  easily?
  • Is there enough storage and cupboard space?
  • Are there any unusually shaped, difficult to furnish rooms?
  • Are there sufficient power points?
  • Ask about cellphone reception and or Internet access.
  • Check that the toilet is on the same level as the bedrooms for ease of access for children and elderly (if that is the case)
  • Check the location of bedrooms. Parents often want children to be on the same level as them.
  • Do you like the wall colours? Repainting can be expensive if you are on a shoe string budget.
  • Old-fashioned electricity switches can point to old wiring.
  • Visit the house on a rainy day to check for leaky roofs, walls or ceilings.
  • Are there cracked tiles or loose grout in the bathroom or kitchen
  • If you intend renovating, check to see if there is parquet flooring under old carpets, and their condition. (This can be a costly operation, however also one that may increase the value of your home)
  • Kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive rooms in the house to renovate so pay close attention to the age and quality of cupboards, benches, plumbing fittings and tiling.
  • Take note of space in kitchens and laundries to make sure your appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and microwaves fit.
  • Make sure your furniture fits in the rooms.
  • Does the house have air conditioning and is functioning well?

BY NO means is this list all inclusive, but is important to make a well informed decision: as bottom line often is : WILL IT FIT MY POCKET???


Question: WHAT NASTY SURPRISE DID YOU GET after moving into your new home???

Confessions van ‘n stadsjapie agent…nogal in Nelspruit

Ek lys mos plottte en plase

Kyk vandag is die dag wat jy vir my kon lag (dis nou as jy rerig wou!!)

Ek is mos toe nie gepla oor wie, waar eiendomme mag lys nie. (As intern wil ek mos alles leer!?)


Vandag het ek geleer, as my kliënt sê: “Jy kan fotos gaan neem, maar trek jou tekkies aan”

Dan bedoel my kliënt : Trek jou tekkies aan!! (Nee, so ‘n eiendom lys jy nie in Sandton, Linden of Kaapstad nie….maar net in Nelspruit!)

Net Lizltjie sal dink ” Ag, ek is seker tekkies is nie regtig nodig nie?!”

Dis op by die pypsteel erf…

Die uitsig van bo...ja Nelspruit is baie mooi

Die uitsig van bo…ja Nelspruit is baie mooi

en af met Knaapse Kêrels verby

Glip en gly

Dis winter maar ek sweet…

Dis NIE Jhb, die NELSPRUIT….ek wéét!!

Maar ek maak dit onder, en dink nogal: “Dis grande! Dink net die kolosale huis, vir die stand!”


Terug by my motor is ek reg om te ry…

Knor kwadraat…my sleutel is nie te vinde


RAAI WAT?? Die stadsjapie moes al die pad weer op om haar sleutel te kry!!!!!


Rookie les no.2  Lag ‘n slag vir jouself!! (Ek moes vandag my eie raad volg)